Checking-In with John Anthony-Supportive Alliance

Podcast With John Anthony and Jonathan, November 24, 2021

December 4, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Many times I have explained the tools to people and they were able to grasp it on an intellectual level but it doesn’t help them to obtain the experience of using the tools.

What this podcast is about is trying to help the listener to understand the experience of someone being walked through the tools, in real time almost as if you were sitting in a group and someone else was having group time. It is when we walk through the process of using the tools ourselves or see someone else get walked through the tools that we begin to understand them and to see how powerful they are and how they work.


This was taped live and is an unscripted and unrehearsed experience between Jonathan and I as I walk him through a situation.  This particular conversation is about a real dilemma that Jonathan had. He has been invited to two families for Thanksgiving dinner. One family, supports being vaccinated and wearing a mask the other family does not support being vaccinated or wearing a mask. The quandary or dilemma that Jonathan had about trying to be True to both families is the situation I walked him through using the tools. Thank you for your patience and giving things time to develop as you listen to this conversation.


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