Checking-In with John Anthony-Supportive Alliance

A Conversation With Someone Learning How To Use The Tools For Emotional Management And Healing

March 19, 2021

In this episode John Anthony explains what a person can do when they did not get the love that they needed from their caretakers when they were children. How the process of giving RUACAT to ourselves works.  

What to do when we are caught up in our bitterness and hatred for someone that we blame for our hurt. Hear someone get walked through the four dimensions of emotional healing

Moving from blaming others to taking responsibility for our lives.

The emotional trap we put ourselves in when we are stuck blaming others for a problem and how we deprive ourselves of the love we need and the love we wanted from them and didn't get.

When we heal an emotional wound we are better able to respond to situations, circumstances and people rather than react. How we become emotionally independent or self dependent.

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